Tuesday, January 11, 2022

LiNX Quattro 761 DRWC RIE Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid by Resound now in SHROBONEE, Kolkata, India.

 LiNX Quattro 761 DRWC RIE Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid Resound

The ReSound LiNX Quattro complete collection of premium hearing aids offers a brilliant sound experience with Layers of Sound.

LiNX Quattro 761 DRWC RIE Rechargeable

Resound LiNX Quattro RE 761 DRWC is Li-ion Rechargeable Digital Programmable Hearing Aid . It has 14 Channel. Fitting Range 20-110 dBHL. Gain 61/67/74/82 dB. Powered by a new chip platform, it offers including improved sound quality, rechargeability, 2.4 GHz connectivity. The degree of fitting range Mild to Profound Hearing Loss.

Rechargeable solution

Pocket-sized power that will never let you down.

Feel confident all day with reliable long-lasting power and convenient, intuitive reachability.

Clearer speech in any environment

Pick up speech with greater clarity and hear sounds from all directions. From the bustling street to the quiet theatre, you’ll be able to focus on the conversation yet still hear sounds around you.

ReSound Smart 3D App

Access everything you need from the start screen

One-tap access to everything you need for a quick adjustment. Never miss an opportunity to be fully engaged in the world around you. Activate your favourite programmes, adjust the volume or access Sound Enhancer on the go, directly from your app's main screen. 

SHROBONEE - Best Digital Hearing Aid Center

We are leading hearing aid dealer in Kolkata West Bengal India. We deal latest quality digital hearing aids of all brands like Siemens/Signia hearing aid, Resound hearing aid, Widex hearing aid, Oticon hearing aid, Bernafon hearing aid, Sonic hearing aid, Phonak hearing aid, Starkey hearing aids, Danavox hearing aids and others foreign hearing aid brands. We have number of units to sell hearing aids in Kolkata and in several districts in West Bengal.


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Our heraing aid selling / dispensing centers are located in - Shyambazar Kolkata, Tala PO- Kolkata, Tollygunge / Rabindra Sarobor -Kolkata, Howrah Mullick Phatak, Asansol Court More, Tamluk - Nimtala More, Krishnanagar - Near Shakti nagar Hospital, Bongaon- Ratepara More, Bashirhat - Registry More, Habra - North Habra Postoffice road near Kerosene Pump, Konnagar - Near Rabindra Bhavan, Katwa - Circus Maidan, New Town - Near Biswabangal Gate, Rampurhat - Bharsala More, Raghunathpur Purulia - Kachari more, Uttarpara Hoogly - Tip Top Goli


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We have all hearing testing facilities like Pure Tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, SISI, TDT, ABLB, BERA, ECOGH, OAE, ASSR, ENG (Electronystagmography),VNG, VHIT, VEMP, E.Tube Dysfunction Test, Caloric Test, Glycerol Test , Speech Therapy, Voice Therapy, etc.


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Monday, January 10, 2022

Latest Siemens Signia ITC/ITE Rechargeable Wireless Digital Hearing Aid - Insio Charge & Go 3AX ITC/ITE for both Ears

 Latest Siemens Signia Insio Charge & Go 3AX ITC/ITE Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids for both Ear.

Insio Charge&Go 3AX ITC/ITE is the first custom In the Canal hearing aids with contactless charging. Wearers simply place Insio Charge&Go AX in the Insio Charger without having to worry about any exact charging contact, charge them while resting or sleeping, and then go – true to their name. And keep going throughout the day with up to 20 hours2 of use on a single charge. It has 24 Channels. Peak Gain 50-124dB. Fitting Range from 10-110dB. 

Features: Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0, Augmented Focus, Acoustic Sensors, e2e wireless 4.0 , motion sensor, OVP (Own Voice Processing), Sound Clarity, Signal processing/ Gain & MPO 24/12 , 6 Hearing Programs, Extended Dynamic Range, Speech and Noise Management, SoundSmoothing, Feedback Cancellation, 1 HD Music, eWindScreen, Binuaral Direc tionality, Wireless CROS/BiCROS, Frequency Compression, Wearer Interaction, Signia Assistant, Signia App(iOS & Android), Adaptive Streaming Volume, Direct Streaming for iOS, Direct Streaming for Android, Streamline TV Accessory, Streamline Mic Accessory, Tinnitus, Notched Amplication Therapy, Smart Optimizer and Data Logging, Acclimatization Manager, InSituGram , Autofit, Telecare, Remote Services. Warranty for 4 years. 

Insio Charge&Go 3AX ITC/ITE Siemens
Insio Charge&Go 3AX ITC Rechargeable 

Rechargeable hearing aids:

Rechargeable hearing aids have built-in batteries that do not require regular removal, compared to hearing aids with traditional disposable batteries. Instead of removing the batteries themselves, you dock your hearing aids each night on a charging unit, similar to how smartphones recharge. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

ReSound ONE. Hear like no other

                           ReSound ONE.
                          Hear like no other 


Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. Introducing the M&RIE Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design for a truly individualised, more complete sound experience.

Hear like no other:

Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. Now you can experience truly individualised, natural, and more complete sound with an extra microphone placed in your ear canal.  We call it M&RIE. It uses your own ears to deliver the sound. 

The one you’ve been waiting for is finally here


See for yourself

         Find a hearing care professional near you and get a first-hand impression 

Hear the world with your own ears 

The M&RIE design uses your unique ear shape to deliver our most natural sound.

Greater hearing wherever you are

All Access Directionality ensures you’re in the best position to hear what’s important.

Focus in on speech in front of you 

Activate Ultra Focus for a great one to one hearing experience in the toughest environments

Live assistance from your home

Get help from your hearing care professional via ReSound Assist Live video calls.


Our most natural sound quality

Get the truest sense of space and easily locate sounds with M&RIE, a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design. Our one-of-a-kind hearing aid enriches your daily sound environments with direction and depth.

·         Speech clarity in wind noise

Watch the video and get a feel of how ReSound ONE™ enables better speech understanding in a windy situation.

·         Windy walk with and without M&RIE

The microphone in your ear lets you enjoy the natural sounds of your surroundings without overpowering wind noise. Hear the difference.

In a restaurant

Sample the sound difference when using ReSound ONE with M&RIE in a bustling restaurant setting.

One-to-one hearing in the toughest environments

Talking to someone

See how activating Ultra Focus helps you hear speech with ease, even in noise, without being isolated from your surroundings.

Background noise

Focus in on life and feel confident enough to have conversations in situations you might have avoided in the past, like at a service counter in a crowded place.

Connect what connects you

Connect to your TV

Stay connected without lifting a finger

With ReSound ONE, you can connect directly to your iPhone or Android™ smartphone and the world around you, and stream audio and wireless calls to your ears via the stable Bluetooth® Low Energy.


Premium charger

A stylish powerbank to match your ReSound ONE, with up to three days of quick charging on the go. No power outlet needed. Enjoy life without worrying about batteries.

Organic hearing

The ReSound Organic Hearing philosophy enables people to connect to the world around them in the most intuitive and natural way. We achieve this by developing solutions that work with the individual ear anatomy to more closely mimic how sounds in the environment are naturally collected and delivered to the brain. This philosophy drives our history of innovations that deliver the whole sound picture so users can instinctively select the sounds they want to listen to - and tone down the ones they don’t.

·         Remote fine-tuning

At your appointment, you and your hearing care professional will adjust and fine-tune your hearing aids, making sure they match your needs. The video and guide below helps you prepare for your first ReSound Assist Live video appointment.


                           Your way towards better hearing

Saturday, April 4, 2020


16 Channel Motion SA 1px Behind the Ear Digital hearing aid by Siemens. This models offer true binaural capabilities. Suitable for Mild to Moderately Severe hearing loss. fully featured, it provide almost all options to cover any individual need. 
Third generation e to e wireless and non-rechargeable. Directional microphones to ensure the best possible binaural listening performance. Tinnitus noiser. Optional Direct audio input. Open fitting done using thin tube. Fitting range upto 110dB. Gain upto 60dB. Battery Size 13. Power consumption 1.0mA. Digital Technology. Output upto 130dBSPL. IP 67 Standard. Rocker Switch. 6 hearing programs. 16 Channel Directionality. Speech Focus. TrueEar Frequency Compression. eWindscreen. Noise reduction with speech and noise management. Sound brilliance. 1 Sound equilizer. Remote controlled. Optional Touch Control App for self controlling. Nano coated housing.


Siemens Intuis 2 ITC In the Canal digital hearing aid by Siemens is equipped with 12 Channel Resolution.Siemens Intuis 2 ITC hearing aid offer more frequency shaping than any other comparable hearing aid in this class. It is equipped with nosie reduciton funciton and feedback cancellation system, both of which further add to a convenient listeneing experience. IP67 rated. Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt.Directiona Microphone.Fitting range upto 75dbHL. Suitable for Mild to Moderate hearing loss. Battery size 312.Power consumption 0.6mA .Optional Volume control for customized gain adjustment.Max gain upto 55dB. 


Siemens Intuis 2S Behind the Ear hearing aid by Siemens equipped with 12 Channel Resolution.Siemens Intuis 2S hearing aid offer more frequency shaping than any other comparable hearing aid in this class. It is equipped with noise reduction function and feedback cancellation system, both of which further add to a convenient listening experience. IP67 rated. Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt. Directional Microphone.Fitting range upto 80dbHL. Suitable for mild to moderate flat high frequency slopping hearing loss. Open fit hearing aid with Life tube.Battery-Size 312. As per price list 1st December 2019.


Siemens ACE 7mi hearing aid equipped with 48 Channel Resolution.
Suitable for Mild to Severe hearing loss.
Siemens ACE 7mi hearing aid offer more frequency shaping than any other comparable hearing aid in this class. It is equipped with noise reduction function and feedback cancellation system, both of which further add to a convenient listening experience. Fitting range upto 100dBHl. Twin Microphone. Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt.As per price list 1st September 2019.